Martial Arts Therapy, Inc.
Logan Shayna
My son Logan has a Traumatic Brain Injury.  He has participated in Therapeutic Martial Arts Therapy for so many years that I cannot remember how old he was when he began.  He was six or seven, I think, when we began our weekly drives to the University of Michigan Hospital for classes.  Now we are in the more comfortable setting of a school gym. He will be seventeen next week.

Martial arts has offered Logan a sport of his own, just like his brothers and his friends.  These classes have taught him martial arts skills, to be sure, but much more in addition.  He has gained self-confidence, self-control, self-awareness, the ability to cross his mid-line and use both halves of his body equally, huge improvements in balance, both fine and gross muscle control, and the ability to follow complicated directions.  All this while having a great workout and fun too!

These are some of the reasons why Logan squeezes martial arts into his busy high school schedule.  In addition, Logan enjoys the physical challenges, the leadership opportunities, a feel of growing competency, and the camaraderie and support of the other students and staff.

As a parent, I appreciate the consistent program that builds upon prior sessions, and also offers all students a chance to learn, no matter their ability or skill.  This is an incredibly positive environment, but one that also encourages Logan to push himself beyond his perceived limits.  the true test of this program and of Sensei Dave is that we are still attending Martial Arts Therapy after ten years.

Vicky Shayna
January 2012