Martial Arts Therapy, Inc.

General Class Information 

Please call to confirm that a class is still functioning. Due to the nature of Private Pay there are times when not enough students are registered for a class to operate.


Each class is unique and different in set up.  Length of semesters, cost of class and class make-up are different for each host site. 


It is our policy that the first class is free to new students whose family, caregivers or others would like to see how the class is run and if their student would benefit from the class.


Martial Arts Therapy does not turn away any student who has the proper amount of assistance. 


Due to holidays and specific cultural needs some class schedules and class protocols do change.  We make every effort to work with each community.


Martial Arts Therapy does measure and maintain records of student progress for 2 specific reasons:


1. The information is used and given to the parents/caregivers so that progress and new goals can be set.


2. The information will be complied into a data base to be used for grant applications and for providing a cause for continued financial support from donating organizations.


As stated on our home page Martial Arts Therapy does not replace standard therapeutic interventions.  We are an adjunct to therapy and work with your current therapeutic goals.